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About Kalsi Estate Consultant

about Kalsi Estate

As you know that our firm is a real estate consultant in Mumbai.We are here to fufill your goals with our solution.Your dream to buy a home/flat or apartment in Mumbai ,we are a solution for it.How you can make it. Firstly to buy a property in Mumbai ,we analyse and do research on your budget and plan accordingly.We have a great projects with builders/developers to make a dream home in Mumbai. Luxury flats ,which caters all your need,with Rera registered number .No matter what your budget is ,we will guide you accordingly.

As you know Mumbai is a major city and is developing very rapidly.

Metros,Bullet train,educational institute,school,hospitals,whole Infrastructure by MMRDA has a wonderfull plan for Mumbai.

Our services will inspire you and good after sales service will really make a difference.

So why wait ,just fill the form or call us right now.

Uday Mukherjee

Kalsi and company did a fantastic job,it was quick,effecient and very professional.i was very satisfied.I had to locate out of state and they were able to close on the deal when I was ready.

our services


we have arrangement for loans from various bank,like ICICI bank,HDFC, AXIS bank, IDBI bank and all national bank.provided you are eligible to it.

Stamp duty

stamp duty for residential and commercial property is 6% on goverment reconer value ,if your agreement value is higher than that then it will be 6% on that value.


registration amount is Rs 30000 ,whatever you agreement value is .plus some additional charges for scanning.


If you're buying a home, we will help you identify the properties that match your needs...

NRI devices

For NRI simple, if you are buying a property for your own use than there is no tax but moment you sell it you have to pay 24% tax on it. you can get a rebate if you buy a property again in India.dont worry we are here to guide you.


The best guide for you is your Agent , I know it sounds funny. your agent has a knowledge of everything , right from the token , documentation and till the date of possession of the property.But selecting the right opinion guide is you smartness.
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